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: Until recently in human history, artistic expression has been rooted in the sacred, but rationality has filled in enough gaps in the wall of human knowledge that there are few cracks left through which anthropomorphic fairly tale creatures can peek...more

The Latest and Greatest

Drugstore Cowboy

2014 • 52.75″ x 19.5″ acrylic, spray paint on used fence pickets Everyone has come to calling the full frontal male figures as the “penis paintings.” In 2014 I decided to incorporate a little Texas […]

Featured Work

Acrimony and Cheese

2013 • 45″ x 31.5″ acrylic, spray paint on used fence pickets As humans, we mask our existential angst and despair with any number of diversions and pleasurable sensory experiences…foremost among these is melted processed […]

From the Sketchpad

Nihilism and Nanner Puddin: Press

My 2014 Houston show is home again in San Antonio. What’s left of it. I sold a few. Meh, I’ll take it. I hear there was a buzz about it from other artists and people […]


I Should Post Here More Instead of Stupid Facebook

Looking good already. By Sunday, the title piece for my Houston show in June will be bumping.


Revisiting Less Successful Work

Deadlines are great. They make me more productive than any creative itch possibly can. The trouble is that getting into a rush prevents me from stopping to really look at a piece as the idea […]


God: All The Credit and None of the Blame

Why are there no hymns of blame? Why do we here people thanking him for the happy accidents and praying for his help during avoidable disasters? I’m not faulting anyone’s need for meaning. I’m not […]


Existential Dinner Party Revisited: Distress, Diversions and Comfort Food

My “elevator speech.” for this series has been lacking, I recently realized. People see the food, they see the ubiquitous devil and angel, the distressed individual, and they ask, “What does it mean?” I’m not […]

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